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Founded on a whim. Built on good times. 


Tinlid Hat Company was started in the summer of 2014 by two good friends from Traverse City, Michigan, Jon Tuck and Will Andre. The idea of an outdoor hat with a sidestrap for pencils started out on our local disc golf course.

After making some prototype hats, we started selling them at our local disc golf course as well as some local boutique shops. Early on, we wanted to make sure Tinlid was a business built for the greater good. As a result, we decided to plant a tree through our partner Trees For The Future

Since we first started selling hats, we have now planted over 100,000 trees through Trees For The Future and the National Forest Foundation, a number we could not have imagined since we began this wild ride. As we move along on this unpredictable journey, we will continue to dedicate our business to environmental responsibility and good times.

Jon Tuck

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